About Us

Kiwi-App is our personal effort to offer a new outlet to learn everything you need about the latest developments in the tech world, especially those related to smart technology and new desktop technology. In the current world where data travels, fast and connectivity is everything, having a desktop probably seems tame. We are here to tell you that desktops are by no means disregarded by our industry even with the rise of laptops have an overwhelming growth in the preferences of the public. Ask a professional graphic designer or an old-school programmer what’s the best way to go, and they probably will tell you how their latest build is a powerful desktop machine.

Even if you don’t need a desktop for work purposes, you surely feel more secure storing your data in your personal server rather than the cloud. Kiwi-app is here to share everything that comes your way in the form of the new hardware, the improvements of existing software and the new utilities that can make your current tools work better. Tech is not cyclical but it’s built to last, and we can share some insight on how to make that work for you. We will share that guidance with our flow of reviews on new programs or the improvements made on established tools. You might also get some insight into little hacks that can make your life easier.

Our goal is to be useful and to remind everyone that technology is a means to an end!