Afterlight 2 – iPhone “Photoshop” App

The iPhone always comes equipped with some of the most powerful cameras available on the market. You could even say that the pictures hardly need any touchups. Developers know how vain users can get when it’s time to take a selfie and post it on social media; that’s why they have created Afterlight 2. As the name implies, this is an upgrade of a utility that was already ranked in the iOS store that has received a facelift to attract new users.

iPhone photo edit app - Afterlight 2

For starters, we can tell you that Afterlight 2 is a mighty photo editor that is only available for the iPhone. The app might seem like a substitute for the filters available in social network services such as Continue reading “Afterlight 2 – iPhone “Photoshop” App”

Lens Distortions App – Make Professional Looking Photos With Your Phone

If you are a photography enthusiast, you probably keep wondering how many people keep getting such amazing shots posted on their Instagram accounts. It’s not like everyone has a professional camera with them all the time, and certainly, no one pays a photographer to take a selfie every single day. A lot of smartphones are packing some of the best cameras ever designed by a man in such small units. It’s a wonder, so many of them manage to get such high resolutions. Even for a skilled selfie shooter, some effects are out of reach. They are only attained after processing the photo with some sort of software.

Lens Distortions App

Breaking the Mold

Lens Distortions is an app offering that kind of tool to be used on your smart device. The introduction to the app speaks loudly about the type of service they provide: “The best effects are the ones no one notice you Continue reading “Lens Distortions App – Make Professional Looking Photos With Your Phone”

Explore the World’s Beauty with New National Geographic App

In a digital world where people are continuously glued to small screens, swiping down, up, left and right forever, it is easy to forget what is taking place in the real world around you. The digital market is flocked with apps promising love, entertainment, friendship, yet few ventures in the realm of inspiration. Explorers have discovered one that does; The National Geographic app.

National Geographic App

An increasing number of travelers and voyagers are yearning for inspiration something which serves a purpose afar mindless memes as well as self-obsessed travel edit. It looks like there is a gap which requires to be filled.

The National Geographic app teaches views with inspirational, engaging and often original Continue reading “Explore the World’s Beauty with New National Geographic App”

Top 10 Mobile Spying Apps for iPhone and Android (2019 Edition)

Mobile spying apps come in different varieties. They allow you to track the activities and location of a target device without being detected. This is useful whether you have lost your phone and want to see what your kids or even employees are doing. There are lots of exciting new features being added all the time to the functionality of these apps. Picking the right app for you is just a matter of seeing what the app allows you to do. If you are looking for a good overview of what’s on the market, here are the ten best mobile spying apps that you can use whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone.

Best Phone Spy App


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M-Sniffer is a phone app that allows you to track a target phone. It is uniquely designed to find the GPS location of the phone you are tracking. All you have to do is enter the telephone number of this mobile phone. This is a great solution for anyone who has lost or misplaced their phone but can also be used to find the location of someone else, such as your child. Once you enter the calling number, the location appears with on the map on the app, together with a navigation option to get you there if need be.

Some of the standout features of this tool include its stealth tracking system and the easy-to-use interface. It only takes a couple of minutes to Continue reading “Top 10 Mobile Spying Apps for iPhone and Android (2019 Edition)”

Dashlane App – All Passwords Secured & Stored at One Place

Dashlane app password managerDashlane sets apart due to its amazing features, the great user interface as well as friendly pricing. Though nothing is perfect, this app comes relatively damn close. This is one of the best password manager app and the go-to recommendation once the queries arise. It is simple to use, safe and offers lots of values even on free plans.

This app goes a long way in keeping and managing your password secure and safe. Still, there’s information on securing your data online. Dashlane, from the get-go, looks like a relatively conventional password manager when it comes to features. You have strong password generation, auto-fill as well as Continue reading “Dashlane App – All Passwords Secured & Stored at One Place”

Technology Trends: What to Watch Out for in 2019

Anticipating upcoming trends will help you make the best production and budget plans for your business. Innovation in tech is expected to continue in 2019. Here are the technology trends to watch out for in 2019.
Technology trends 2019

Technology Convergence

Machine learning, AR, blockchain and AI will converge, creating a significant amount of value for businesses as they become assimilated into standard processes. This will help businesses enjoy exceptional productivity gains.