Type the “Smart” Way with New SwiftKey Keyboard Mobile App

Swiftkey Keyboard is an app specially created by Microsoft to type words like a professional in your digital keyboard. The writing model is based on swipe typing. You will have to drag your fingers over the letter keys to spell every word instead of tapping. The natural flow of letters will make it easy to write, and you will save a lot of time. The app will offer different suggestions of words just right over the keyboard. You can choose one by tapping it with your finger and then releasing it. You can also hover over other letters, add doubles and cancel mid swirl to avoid mistakes.

Virtual Keyboard App SwiftKey

An App to Suit the Languages of the World

The current version of SwiftKey is available in 60 languages. It even includes a few non-Latin characters for international users such as Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. You can choose to use the keyboard with at least three languages at the same time. You can toggle between each keyboard by holding the space key. This is especially useful if you work with translations on your smartphone. Some languages are tricky for the app. Their letters are often mistaken by other types of characters, such as the “at” symbol (@).

How to Use SwiftKey

SwiftKey is blessed with one of the most effective writing AIs we have ever encountered. The app learns from your writing habits and makes a sincere effort to deduce the words you use based on the context of your message. These predictions will be seen in three slots placed right above the keyboard. The option at the center is always the most likely. We tested the app on our smartphones and the precision of these predictions where staggeringly accurate. They were also much more useful than the average auto-correct that is programmed on the basic keyword of our devices.

The Usefulness of SwiftKey

When it comes to practicality, SwiftKey is designed to changes the way you type words on a digital keyboard. You no longer will need to type the whole words in the most frequently used sentences. The predictive algorithm will get used to your most commonly used catchphrases, and you will be given the option to use them in the content of your sentences. The app can be lined up with your social media accounts, and it will learn from your usual behavior by downloading the database of the words you use more often and predict your unique speech pattern. In the age of AIs, this is probably one of the best features ever to manage your time.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard App

You can get the App from Google Play (Android)
Or from Apple’s App Store (For iOS users).