Explore the World’s Beauty with New National Geographic App

In a digital world where people are continuously glued to small screens, swiping down, up, left and right forever, it is easy to forget what is taking place in the real world around you. The digital market is flocked with apps promising love, entertainment, friendship, yet few ventures in the realm of inspiration. Explorers have discovered one that does; The National Geographic app.

National Geographic App

An increasing number of travelers and voyagers are yearning for inspiration something which serves a purpose afar mindless memes as well as self-obsessed travel edit. It looks like there is a gap which requires to be filled.

The National Geographic app teaches views with inspirational, engaging and often original articles, supported by leading-edge research, while also gratifying the most demanding dreamer’s feeling of wanderlust in visual awe.

It is no secret that today’s explorers have compiled a comprehensive list of places/locations to visit in their lifetime. Well, published places like The Great Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat and The Great Barrier Reef are list toppers for people hear of just the renowned tourist destination. Each one is beautiful, unique, as well as awe-inspiring. But as you know, there is more out there than that.

The beauty is, now the broadest collection of high-quality and valued documentaries and backdated National Geographic Magazines, live stream channel as well as images from literally the most excellent photographers in the world, is now merged into one easy to use and beautiful looking App.

User experience is vital to the survival of a new app. Once it is slow, clunky or looks as visually appealing, it’s likely that the existence of the application will be short. The app has a clean layout, easy to browse and navigate as well as well-thought out. There is a quick access menu that is located at the base of the screen offers one-touch links to pages of articles, videos as well as photographs. It also tailors content to every user based on their choices and preferences.

Once you click the small explore button key at the top corner of the home screen, you instantly link to categories first is your current location then followed by categories such as Adventure, Travel as well as Photography.

The National Geographic app serves as visual inspiration for your photography, but once you scroll through the blogs, articles as well as true-to-life stories, you will surely be addicted.

Addicted to knowing more about the world around you, the environmental problems people are now facing as a human collective, looking into unique, challenging as well as undisclosed locations and even top guides and tops for a weekend adventure or holiday.  Sounds familiar right? With this application, you are exploring the world right at the comfort of your home and in just one click of the button, you can know the latest happening in the world.

The best source of never-ending inspiration for the daily explorer and the voraciously curious, the National Geographic app shows new insights into ideas, cultures as well as discoveries in high-definition storytelling. Your free account provides you a full access to a personalized feed of the subjects you love.