PS3 Emulator as an App for Android and iOS Smartphones

PS3 Emulator
The PlayStation 3 certainly had a rough start, the console had big shoes to fill, and Sony made sure to market it heavily when it came out. The first games for it were simply stunning, and the console offered such a complex framework to create new games that many third parties were struggling to keep up. The 7th generation became the golden opportunity for Nintendo to come back to the top spot and they certainly went all out with the Wii.

The First Missteps of Sony

Many companies had it difficult to port over their games to both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 since both consoles were very different. The solution that many companies agreed on was to develop their games for the PS3 and port them over to the Microsoft console. The strategy seemed to pay off and by the third year, the Sony console was a heavy hitter in the market bringing an array of games that became contenders in the industry and landing a number of exclusives that turned to dust the intentions of Microsoft and kept them at the honorable 3rd place for most of the run.

When the PS3 took off they even brought some contenders from their distinguished competition and improved them significantly, such was the case of the Ninja Gaiden Saga. There is also quite a few remakes done for the Sony console that enhanced the graphics and playability of old favorites from the PS2. The first revisions of the console had the addition of retro-compatibility and everyone who still owned their PS1 and PS2 library could still play them on. Sony learned from their mistakes and made the PlayStation 3 a locked console with a Blu-Ray player.

Dealing with Blu-Ray Encoding

The New technology was developed by Sony to replace DVD players and offer additional security to their copyrighted content. It worked wonderfully for the first four years of the console. When Sony finally decided to release Blu-Ray burners, it was a matter of time until someone figured out all the specs and posted them online. Let’s put on top of this the fact that Sony upgraded the PS Store to sell full digital games, and it wasn’t long until someone figured out a way to crack the near-perfect security of the console.

By year five, many gamers could play ISO files of PS3 games or the cracked versions downloaded from the PS store. Sony upped the ante by doing periodical checkups on the accounts that frequently logged on games that were meant to be enjoyed online, but as long as the player didn’t sing to the PS Store, they could play as much as they wanted without being found. Today, Sony is placing all their efforts in making the final years of the PS4 quite memorable before offering the PS5. This has given gamers some room to operate their old PS3 classics

The App to Save PS3 Enthusiasts

The PS3 emulator PS3Mobi is the best way to enjoy the complete library of PlayStation 3 games that were published in the seven-year history of the console, the longest one to date. Since PS3 was a nut very hard to crack, making this application was something that has been eagerly awaited by many players around the world. It’s pretty hard to negate excitement at the prospect of playing powerhouses such as Grand Theft Auto IV and V, the whole Dead Space Saga, Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, and the revived Mortal Kombat.

PS3 did great in its run; they managed to get many original IPs that had people glued to their seats for hours. If still long for the games of such a great console PS3Mobi is the app for you.

You can download the emulator from its official site as a PC desktop utility (Windows / Mac OS) or an app for iOS and Android. There are no big complications with this program, and you can play games online while logged on the internet. The framework used to create it doesn’t have any affiliations with Sony. You can choose any game from their library and play in a stream mode or download it directly to your device’s hard drive.

If you loved the PS3 and feel nostalgic for their vast library of games PS3Mobi is right up your alley, make sure to try it out!

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