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Requires OS X Mountain Lion and an account.

A wonderfully simple, elegantly powerful, amazingly beautiful way to experience

Pull out exactly the conversation you're looking for. Keep the context, lose the distractions.

Get user details with just a click. See recent posts, favorites, and their whole social graph.

Manage your followers, mute chatty friends, and dive deeper into your social graph.

  • Focused Conversations

    Kiwi focuses on the path of the real conversation and moves the chatter to the side.
  • Private Messages is great for private chats too. With Kiwi you'll manage your private messages with ease.
  • Twitter Crossposting

    Keep your Twitter friends in the loop with Twitter crossposting. Set up once and forget it.
  • Unified Timelines

    See all your mentions and followers in a single timeline or keep them separate, it's up to you.
  • Stream Markers

    Close your mobile client and pick up your stream in Kiwi exactly where you left off.

Username Autocomplete

Save Drafts Posts

  • A Great Read

    More whitespace, high contrast content, and beautiful retina type make's longer posts look great.
  • Content First

    Unobtrusive UI keeps out of your way and lets you focus on the content instead of the buttons.
  • Custom Gestures

    Kiwi lets you assign two or three finger swipe gestures to navigate your timelines and jump between tabs.
  • Keyboard Driven

    Navigate, post, drill-down, and nearly every other feature in Kiwi can be driven from simple keyboard commands.
  • And so much more

    Image posting, global timeline, inline images, username autocomplete, global hotkeys, notification center support, hashtag search, user lookup, and so much more that we can't fit it all here.

Inline Images

Feature Packed