Dashlane App – All Passwords Secured & Stored at One Place

Dashlane app password managerDashlane sets apart due to its amazing features, the great user interface as well as friendly pricing. Though nothing is perfect, this app comes relatively damn close. This is one of the best password manager app and the go-to recommendation once the queries arise. It is simple to use, safe and offers lots of values even on free plans.

This app goes a long way in keeping and managing your password secure and safe. Still, there‚Äôs information on securing your data online. Dashlane, from the get-go, looks like a relatively conventional password manager when it comes to features. You have strong password generation, auto-fill as well as (more…)

Technology Trends: What to Watch Out for in 2019

Anticipating upcoming trends will help you make the best production and budget plans for your business. Innovation in tech is expected to continue in 2019. Here are the technology trends to watch out for in 2019.
Technology trends 2019

Technology Convergence

Machine learning, AR, blockchain and AI will converge, creating a significant amount of value for businesses as they become assimilated into standard processes. This will help businesses enjoy exceptional productivity gains.

  • AR in Apps – Augmented reality will become integrated into most apps as (more…)